Feeling the exhibition force

Even though a great majority of business is today conducted online, rather than face-to-face, exhibitions still have the power to bring buyer, seller and product/service together.

Exhibitions provide a platform for your business and meeting your prospects and customers physically at the right venue is undoubtedly a potent force. However, to truly take advantage, you will need to ensure that you are investing in the best stand possible. It is all too easy to direct your marketing budget towards online strategies, but an eye-catching exhibition stand is a vital component for your overall marketing plan. And, if your competitors are attending, you should consider what can be done to give your stand an additional meaningful edge.

Your stand design isn’t just about aesthetics, it should reflect your company’s values, ethos and product or service. The design should be of a high quality and project a professional image. This is because exhibitions allow you to nurture both new and existing relationships. The audience at an exhibition is targeted and focused, and a good stand therefore, is a highly cost-effective sales and marketing strategy. The stand acts as a backdrop or a centrepiece and is the one component that you really need. And if you don’t require something large, roller banners and banner stands are equally adept at exhibiting your brand.

Deciding on the type of stand you require often depends on the size of your exhibiting space. Also, up for consideration is whether you will incorporate any technology, for example monitors and live streaming. Exhibiting is about customer and prospect engagement and you should also think about how you will collect data at the event. Overall, you need to find the best showcase for your brand at each event.

Whether you need something portable or something large-scale, the key is to find a design that works for you and which has the necessary tools to attract visitors and enable you to see a return on investment (ROI).