How to Win More Customers Through Your Signage

When it comes to winning new customers, many businesses focus on their digital marketing and forget just how important physical signage is. We’re going to explain why your signage is an important marketing tool and how it can be used to win more customers.

Size Matters

Your external signage can play a big part in attracting new customers or reminding existing or old customers that you’re there. It’s often the first thing they see, and the first impression they have of the business, which is why it’s so important to get it right.

It goes without saying that your signage needs to be on-brand, sleek, and professional, but how much thought have you given to size?

Take your fascia signage for example, you need to carefully consider the size of your building vs the size of your signage if you want it to look right.

Having a small wall plaque next to the door isn’t going to get you noticed by passers-by, whereas having a large illuminated sign mounted on the building is most definitely going to turn heads.

Similarly, having overbearing signage that is too big and doesn’t suit the building can have a negative effect on how your business is perceived.

Some businesses are restricted on the signage they are allowed to have on their premises, especially if they are on the high street, but you can still play around with the size of the fonts or imagery on your signage to ensure maximum impact.

Larger fonts will make your business’s name and key marketing messages easier to read from a distance or at a glance. It’s important to get the balance right when it comes to size so always consult a signage company for expert advice.

If you’re restricted by the size of your fascia signage, consider other signage options like window graphics where you have more freedom to play around.

Imagine a large, eye-catching window graphic on your shop front.

It’s a sure way to attract new customers and is also, another opportunity for you to advertise key marketing messages, and offers and also showcase what your brand is all about.

Get Creative, Think Outside the Box

If you want to stand out from your competitors and grab the attention of potential new customers, why not get creative with your signage and think outside the box?

Get creative with shape, colour, and graphics. Doing things a little differently from your competitors could give you the edge.

It’s always a brilliant talking point that will not only help draw more people to your premises or get you noticed, but it can make your brand more memorable. This could mean when your target audience is in the market for your products and/or services, they’re more likely to think of you vs your competitor.

It also showcases your brand’s personality and ethos, all things a new customer needs to build a picture of what they can expect if they work with/buy from you.

Create a Professional Look and Feel

People want to work with companies who offer a quality product or service but how do they know if you can deliver?

When potential customers are doing their research on your company, they are looking at all areas of your business from your website, and social media, but they are also looking at things like your signage.

If they turn up to your offices for a meeting or at your showroom to check out your latest product range, every interaction they have with you is building a picture of what they can expect if they choose to work with you. Therefore, it’s important to create a good first impression with your signage.

Certain types of signage can really help to emulate that high-quality, professional feel and look, from the material you use or how your signage is mounted.

One of our favourite details that achieves this look and feel for our customers is signage that includes raised lettering. It adds another dimension to the signage and shows more thought and care has gone into the design. If you wanted to take it to the next level, consider backlighting your signage.

An illuminated sign coupled with raised lettering always looks high-end and is one of the best ways to attract customers.

Reinforce Your Brand Ethos

You want to show potential new customers what you’re all about and a great way to do this is through your signage.

It’s vital whatever signage you choose, whether fascia signage, window graphics, hanging signs, freestanding signs, or all of the above, that it showcases your brand, its core values, and personality.

It’s vital that all your signage is on-brand, well-designed, and consistent.

Make sure to use the same fonts and colours within your signage as you do in other areas of your marketing such as on your website or within your print advertising.

One of the biggest mistakes we see businesses make is when their signage hasn’t been created by a professional signage company, instead using online companies that enable them to upload your own artwork. Although this may work for some, you’re often sacrificing on the quality of your signage, not to mention, the lack of installation service which is a big part of the service.

We’d always recommend that you speak to a signage company who have an in-house design team that can help you develop your signage. They will consider every aspect of that signage from the colour, material, fonts and intended location.

They can recommend what they think will work best to ensure your signage looks the part and will help you win more customers.

When it Comes to Signage, Less is More

Have you heard the expression; less is more?

This is also true when it comes to signage.

It’s understandable that a business wants to advertise everything they do through its signage, but this approach often leaves potential new customers confused or asking more questions.

It’s important to be concise with your messaging.

Focus on one key marketing message for your signage, don’t try to say it all. Even if you have one marketing message in mind, when it comes to adding that message to your signage, don’t be tempted to add lots of text or imagery. It will look cluttered, and busy and will be hard to read.

Remember simplicity doesn’t mean your signage will have less impact, often the opposite. Simple, concise signage equals sleek and professional, something every business wants to appear to new customers.

If you want to win more customers in 2023 with on brand, eye-catching signage, get in touch with our friendly design team today on 01423 873 555 to discuss your signage needs.