How to Reinforce Your Brand Through Internal Signage

It’s important that when your team, existing customers and potential new clients walk through your door, they instantly know what your brand is all about. But how exactly can you achieve this? One of the most cost-effective ways is through internal signage and here’s how.

Think About the Why and What

Before designing or implementing any internal signage, it’s important to ask yourself why? Why do you want internal signage and what are you trying to achieve?

Do you want to showcase your logo, highlight key marketing messages or inform? And again, always come back to your why.

Once you know your why, you can ensure that any and all signage you choose to implement has a purpose whether that’s to showcase your logo, highlight key marketing messages or tell visitors about key information or services.

Carefully Consider the Design and How it Will Work Within the Space

If you want to make a great first impression, any signage you implement needs to be sleek, eye-catching and on-brand. That goes without saying.

But it’s vital you create a design that not only reinforces your brand but also works with the space too. We’d also recommend speaking to a sign maker who also provides a design service.

They will be able to help you to look at the space and how best to incorporate different signage that reinforces your brand and compliments the existing interiors, so all areas are tied together.

Prioritise Key Areas

We know better than anyone how internal signage throughout your premises is one of the best ways to reinforce your brand but not every business has the budget to go all out from day one.

If you’re wanting to implement your signage in stages, prioritise key areas first such as reception areas, meeting rooms and hallways.

These are the areas where the most footfall will occur but more importantly, where potential clients are most likely to see.

If you’re trying to win a client and they are led into a meeting room that perfectly reflects your brand, they’ll feel confident they’re in the right place and you’re a business that can deliver.

Use Multiple Types of Signage 

There are a number of different directions you can go when it comes to your internal signage so which type of signage will help you to best reinforce your brand?

Using multiple types of signage is actually a great way to reinforce your brand by creating different points of interest throughout the space.

Add colour with wall graphics, showcase services and products with wall-mounted canvas and create privacy with modern glass manifestations.

Incorporating a variety of internal signage will enable you to showcase your brand in a number of ways or different areas of your business, it’s services and/or products.

Consistency is Vital

Many businesses focus on their digital marketing channels such as their website or social media platforms but forget about their signage.

Your signage needs to be consistent with your overall branding and identity in order for it to be effective.

We can’t stress this point enough!

Keep your internal signage consistent with every aspect of your branding from your website, logo, brand colours and even your printed marketing material.

If your signage is different, when staff and customers visit your premises it’s confusing ad muddies your brand.