Keep Staff and Customers Safe During Covid-19

It’s been great to see how communities across the country have pulled together to support their local independents during the pandemic and although many have had to temporarily close, hopefully it won’t be long until their doors are open once again.

If you are a business that has stayed open during the latest lockdown, it’s more important than ever that you keep your staff and customers safe.

Bespoke Safety Screens

A simple way to create a barrier between staff and customers is by installing safety screens in key areas of the workplace. Here at De-Signs, we have installed a number of bespoke safety screens between office desks, within corridors to split up busy walkways and around desks in receptions. There are many different styles, shapes and sizes which is why it’s important to install safety screens that fit the space rather than hinder it.

Social Distancing Signage

Another obvious safety measure is social distancing signage. Social distancing signage is a great way of reminding staff and visitors of new protocols they must follow whether that’s, keeping a certain distance away from each other, following the one-way system or only having a certain number of people within a space at any given time. As the guidelines have a tendency to change from time to time, it’s also important that as a business you’re updating your social distancing signage to coincide with those changes.

Directional Signage

Many businesses are implementing one-way systems throughout workplace. This is a great way to control traffic and reduce the risk of people crossing paths but how clear is this new system? We’ve all seen people using wrong entrances or not sticking to the one-way system which is usually due to the lack of clear instructions. Make sure your staff and customers are informed of new procedures with clear, eye-catching directional signage. Directional signage can come in many forms from window stickers, floors stickers and a-boards to name but a few. This is a simple way of ensuring everyone is on the same page and keeping each other safe.

If you need help ensuring your business is safe for staff and customers, get in touch with our friendly design team today to discuss how we might be able to help in this uncertain time!  Tel: 01423 873555 or Email: