The Importance of Internal Branding

Many businesses spend a lot of time developing their brand, but the main focus tends to be around external branding and marketing. This mean the importance of internal branding can often be overlooked or forgotten about. Here are four reasons why we feel internal branding is so important to the growth and success of your business.

Fosters a Strong Company Culture

We spend a lot of time at work which is why it’s important that your team buys into your business and what it stands for. Internal branding is one of the best ways to connect staff with the values, attitudes and beliefs of your organisation, creating a strong company culture. When your team feel invested in your brand, it empowers them to want to contribute to its growth.

First Impressions Count

What potential customers think about us and how they judge us as a business, it is often determined by their first impressions. When they are greeted with strong internal branding  during their first visit to your office, it will give them confidence that they are in the right place and that you are a professional, credible business.

Internal branding can also help when recruiting new team members. When new recruits come in for an interview and see bold, eye catching wall graphics that instantly brighten the space, it gives the impression that your business is a cool place to work.  It will also help to advertise your brand message and values, giving new recruits a better idea of what they can expect from working at a company like yours.

In the last year, virtual meetings have become the norm and during this time, we have seen a number of these meetings go viral because of something inappropriate that has been flagged in the background. Unprofessional backdrops can leave a negative impression on the person at the other end of the webcam so why not sit in front of a wall that showcases what your business is all about.

Helping the Space Flow Better

Internal branding can really help the space flow better and there are a number of ways it can do this. Directional signage is a great way to ensure staff and visitors can easily navigate your premises and it also stops people entering spaces that are private or restricted. Wall graphics can help to section off large spaces making it obvious when you’re moving into another area. Here at De-Signs, we also design and install a lot window graphics on glass wall partitions. This type of internal branding serves as a way of creating privacy and raising brand awareness in modern glass offices. It also prevents clients or staff walking into the glass, which is a very real risk if it’s not branded or marked correctly.

Increasing Staff Wellbeing and Productivity

Businesses have always spent thousands of pounds on training courses and coaches in a bid to improve staff wellbeing and effectiveness, but many underestimates the importance of their teams working environment.

The physical environment that your team works in every day can have a huge impact on their mind sets and how they do their jobs. This is why it’s important that you create the best working environment possible. Not only does internal branding brighten up the office space, but it has been shown to boost workplace productivity and wellbeing, making it a cost-effective way of giving your team the boost they need.

Thank you for reading our latest blog! If you need help with your internal branding, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly design team on 01423 873 555.  Here at De-Signs, we can help you create eye-catching, on-brand internal graphics that meet your needs and fit your budget.