Let your walls do the talking…

I’ve been in many company reception areas. They tend to be a mixture of chrome, fabric, sometimes clinical, sometimes personal but nonetheless always a reception area. There are sometimes TV screens showing the latest corporate presentation or case study. And this first touchpoint space for customers, staff and other visitors usually expresses just who the company is. It is branded with signage, in line with the organisation’s corporate identity.

And if it isn’t, then you know where to find me!

The truth is that companies regularly consider their brand identity, they have the external signage, the marketing campaigns and the promotional items. They create reception areas which confirm who they are, however other office areas populated by staff are often left in the white wall void. Of course, visitors and customers come to these areas too, but their brand journey may have ended at reception if they see white walls elsewhere.

Capturing your audience

Your employees are your primary brand ambassadors, they are the people who bring your brand to life. So, their work environment needs to embody your brand wherever possible. Workplace branding doesn’t mean applying logos everywhere, instead it seeks to reflect the workspace within your brand. But what does this mean and how is it achieved? Well, it may mean outlining the values of the organisation, but not by “Values” declarations pasted onto walls. Instead it reflects just how those values work behind closed doors.

So, if your organisation is keen to encourage collaboration, you may have group spaces, where people can exchange ideas. These may be lounge areas, or breakout tables, which create a sense of community. Often this is where the best ideas are initiated through creative discussion and brainstorming. Forget drab cubicles, the best spaces are those which inspire and wall graphics add to that inspiration.

Back to school

The approach to bringing walls alive through internal graphics doesn’t just apply to the corporate space. Schools also benefit because graphics aid communication with staff, students and visitors. They can be used to inspire, inform, assist with wayfinding, make people stop and think, challenge preconceived thoughts, embody values and initiate debate, act as a visual resource aid and overall make a lasting impression.

Of course, first impressions count too, but making your walls a constant talking point speaks volumes about who you are, what you do and why it matters.